7 Things You Didn’t Know a Virtual Assistant Could Do for You

7 Things You Didn't Know a Virtual Assistant Could Do for You

7 Things You Didn’t Know a Virtual Assistant Could Do for You

“Someone who I pay to not do the job I need” – this is what someone recently told me after I asked them what they thought a virtual assistant was. Tough break, right?

I get it – if you’re new to the VA scene, trusting someone miles away to match your excellence might seem like a stretch. And if you have had a VA before, maybe you had a rockstar who you couldn’t imagine running your business without…or maybe you had someone who sucked at communication, didn’t get tasks done on time, and when they did do a task, it wasn’t what you asked for. But guess what? There’s a tribe of thriving business leaders out there who owe their success to an incredible VA (ours included).

So, it’s time to ditch the doubt. A virtual assistant can be a behind-the-scenes hero with executive and administrative tasks that unburden your day to day. They can also be right-hand supporters that go beyond inbox management to help drive successes & triumphs. 

For a list of all executive and administrative tasks a VA can manage, check out our Stay Focused & Delegate guide


Here are 7 tasks you might not have thought of to delegate to a virtual assistant:

Creating and Updating Project Boards

Ever felt the pain of getting a project off the ground, only to realize that the administrative overhead is stealing your thunder? Delegating project coordination tasks that help to streamline project, client, and team success allows you to focus more on the client and the deliverables and less on the back-end minutiae. Consider allowing your VA to create project boards, follow email threads to track new action items, or record meeting notes to update task status.

Competitor Research & Reporting

Knowledge is power whether you’re running a marketing agency or a construction firm. But to be able to leverage insights and knowledge, you have to have the data to begin with. Virtual assistants can alleviate previous time by taking on initial research steps and data gathering into industry trends, competitor activity, etc. to help give your business a competitive edge. 

Social Media Engagement

Almost every client I’ve talked to – even the ones that love marketing – would absolutely prefer to spend their time anywhere else than scrolling, commenting, and engaging on social media. It’s the least favorite necessity of business growth! When you equip your VA with your ideal client profile, brand voice (or ChatGPT), and whatever strategic materials, they can engage on your behalf to help you build a robust online presence. 

File & Data Organization

Ok, this one might be a common administrative task that you’ve already thought about. Yet, it often gets missed when I ask clients what they’ve thought about delegating. And, to be honest, organization is something a lot of business leaders suck at. Even the ones who like organization find themselves too stressed on time to worry about keeping up with their digital organization habits. This is the perfect burden to pass along to a VA to ensure you never have to worry about where to save a file again. VA’s can keep up with consistent file naming systems, archiving old files, and more so that you always have accurate information at your fingertips.

Event Planning

Did you know a lot of the tasks involved in event planning don’t require a physical presence? While you might need someone to stake out a shortlist of venues, VA’s can still handle researching potential venues, communicating with vendors, tracking budgets, inviting guests, and more. Whether you’re planning an online webinar to drive leads or a happy hour for client appreciation, a VA can help ensure that your events are a hit.

Invoicing Prep

If you have retainers set up with your clients, then most of your invoice processes might be automated. Still, a VA can help with setting up initial invoices and late payment follow-ups. If your process isn’t automated, then whether it’s based on scope of work or an hourly rate, a VA can handle as much of the invoicing as you need from drafting and creating invoices to sending. 

Client Onboarding

Setting up initial invoices brings us to the thought of client onboarding. Your onboarding process is one of the most important processes you have to instill the idea of success with your clients and fight against any buyer’s remorse feelings. Your VA can ensure that the transition from lead to client is seamless handling the paperwork, data entry, meeting coordination, and more, allowing your clients to experience excellence from day one. 

Stay Focused & Delegate 

A great virtual assistant is a behind-the-scenes hero of efficiency and could be the missing link in your business’ success story. They can offer flexible, versatile support to fill the gaps in your team. You can discover a more extensive list of tasks a VA can handle in our Stay Focused & Delegate Guide

Or, if you’re ready to have a support partner turning visions into tangible results and amplifying your potential, then reach out to us and we’ll explore the possibilities together. 

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