In Your Corner: Must-Have Contacts for Entrepreneurs

In Your Corner: Must-Have Contacts for Entrepreneurs

In Your Corner: Must-Have Contacts for Entrepreneurs

I strongly believe in the power of connections and being able to trust the people you work with. While many may know me as a positive, bubbly person, I am actually quite the skeptic when it comes to who I bring into my inner circle – either professional or personal. 

Yet, so often our success is dependent on the people we know, the connections we build, and the network we foster. Most of the challenges we encounter as entrepreneurs are surmountable with positivity, perseverance, and people. 

So, to help you get a jump start on your business’ New Year’s resolutions and kick-ass with your vision for 2024, I wanted to recommend some amazing, strategic, business game-changers I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.

These aren’t random names I’ve jotted down or people that I want to win brownie points with in some referral group. These are people who are incredible action-oriented, people-first strategists who are simply amazing in their respective fields. 

You’re Must Have Contacts

We’re sharing their websites if you’d like to research them more in depth or you can reach out to me to get in touch with them directly. 

  • GenTeks for all your IT needs: GenTeks supports their clients in-person and virtually across the nation. They have a knack for understanding exactly what you need within your budget. 
  • Trace Brand Building for Brand Development: This is a power-house team for out-of-the-box thinking for branding and marketing that delivers on strategic results. 
  • MountainTop Web Design for Web Development & SEO: This team has a specialty for digital marketing solutions that effectively turn leads into customers 
  • Aleasha Bahr for Sales: She gets you. Aleasha knows how to dynamically craft sales strategy and messaging that feels good to you and will resonate with your audience. 
  • Ship Sunshine for all your Swag: I still recommended connecting with the people at Ship Sunshine even if you don’t need corporate gifts or branded merchandise – they are honestly just full of happiness…and sunshine. Great people through and through. 
  • Stalnaker Virtual Solutions for System Automation: Auxo Business Services has recently stopped providing full system set-ups as our operations services focus more on process development, improvement, and training. Tonisha at SVS is a straight shooter whose creative problem solving sees past your surface needs for a system and into the big picture, long-term success of your business and team. 
  • Connie Vanderzanden for Financial Consulting: The numbers simply speak to her! Accounting, budgeting, and all the “cash is king” elements are honestly my least favorite part about running my business (don’t judge). Connie is great at analyzing how you’ve got things set up and guiding you (and your money) toward clarity. 
  • Impact Accounting & Consulting: If you need more of the day-to-day support for your books, Janette Lucero has put together a well-rounded, knowledgeable team at IAC that covers bookkeeping, accounting, and tax prep needs to empower small businesses. 
  • KDZ HR Consulting: Kirsten Zeigler brings a down-to-earth, people-first approach to any HR needs you have in your business! 

These diverse groups and individuals form an invaluable support network for achieving your current goals in business and overcoming any challenges you encounter. 

Now, I’d be totally remiss if I didn’t throw my team and I in the mix. Our team and I at Auxo Business Services go beyond being a minor part of your support system. We’re the team that helps transform visions into tangible results by equipping you with the right processes and the right people. Offering a blend of process improvement, strategic operations consulting, and virtual administrative assistance, we are dedicated to keeping you productive without the burnout and stress as you scale your business. 

Get Them In Your Corner

The main thing to remember here is that strong networking is the linchpin for business success. The individuals and resources we’ve unveiled aren’t just contacts; they are potential pillars of support, crucial for navigating the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship.

In the spirit of fostering meaningful connections, please feel free to reach out to me if you’d like to connect with any of the companies mentioned! Even if you don’t work directly with Auxo Business Services, I’d still be delighted to have contributed to your support network and overall success. 

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