Ultimately, we can help with any and all processes in your organization! We most frequently focus on Client Experience related processes such as client onboarding and service delivery/ project management.

Though, we have experience developing lead management and sales processes, recruiting and interviewing processes, team management processes, and more.

We always recommend starting with whichever processes are giving you the most issues or are impacting your bottom line the post. If too many departments come to mind here, we can do an audit to help determine the best course of action. Alternatively, our standard recommendation is to review Sales and Marketing, Accounting & Finances, Project Management, Human Resources, and Business Development. This approach tends to create the best change management strategy that keeps teams at high morale and productivity while also improving revenue potential.

We take a unique approach that incorproates Lean process improvement techniques with organizational health best practices so we can analyze your processes and make improvements that not only improve revenue but also improve team effectiveness and collaboration. Typically, this means starting with an analysis and initial training, evaluating current processes, proposing solutions and changes, and then implementing a change management strategy.

When analyzing processes, we look high level at core processes (or the core functions) of a business. These include Sales and Marketing, Accounting & Finances, Project Management, Human Resources, and Busienss Development.

We spend countless hours understanding change management practices so that we can develop an approach that’s best for your team. Usually, this involves engaging your employees, overcommunicating changes, documenting processes, and being an ongoing or long-term resource for your team. At the end of the day, the success of any process changes can come down to your business’ leadership and your employees.

KPI’s are key performance indicators. They are used to measure the effectiveness of an employee or a process and set a benchmark for performance expectations. While there are standard business metrics we should all be tracking in

We take a very collaborative approach to any work we do in your organization! We’re a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, solutions-oriented professionals that care about the success of your team.

No need! The best first step is to have a possibilities chat where we can discuss what your business and team looks like. Even if nothing is documented, your team has “a a way of operating” and we can work with that! Once we chat, we can develop an action plan best suited for your needs and budget.

At the beginning of each project, we’ll identify markers of success and determine As-Is measurements. As-Is measurements are your current performance metrics such as the amount of time a step in a process takes, the number of errors in a process, or even client satisfaction rates. These will help frame any suggested changes. After changes are implemented, we’ll observe these metrics over a designated time period to determine success.

Yes! Depending on your agreed upon project, we’ll help guide you and your team through the improvement and implementation phases. Implementation often means updating or introducing new software, training employees, or introducing a new position. We can also support your team on an ongoing basis after your initial project.

We offer a range of services focused on operational excellence. Our focus is improving team effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency to improve your bottom line. Our services range from process improvement consulting, system automation support, long-term virtual project assistance, and more. We can determine the best support solution for your team during a Possibilities Chat.

A virtual assistant handles your business’ lower-level tasks, but virtually. Outsourced admin services really contribute to successful business growth. There are different types of virtual assistants with many skill sets.

At Auxo Business services, we are a virtual assistant agency, we make the process of getting help and freeing up time for more important things that much easier.

Virtual Assistants, as contractors, can create their own schedule. However, they only count hours of work they are actively completing for you, without the payroll taxes of a W2 employee. If you don’t need them full-time, no problem.

Virtual Assistants don’t get paid vacations or sick days. Here at Auxo, we have assistants on the team ready to step in when yours is out.

To find out more, head over to our blog Full Time Employee vs Virtual Assistant.

We start with a possibilities chat so we can get a clear understanding of your business goals and support needs. If you’re just as excited as us to move forward, then you’ll get a proposal, contract, and invoice.

We’ll schedule an onboarding call with you, our operations coordinator, and your new virtual assistant. This is when we’ll map out priorities, initial tasks, deadlines, and regular check-ins. We’ll also work with you to get access to whatever systems/software on your end that your assistant will need access to.

We’ll track everything in a task management board. We use Monday.com and provide you with guest access so you don’t have to pay for your own account. Though, if you already use a system like ClickUp or Asana, then we’re happy to track tasks there instead!

The possibilities chat gives us a good understanding of who on our team may be the best to support you. We choose who  your assistant will be based on your industry, what type of tasks you need help with, and team capacity.

You can learn more about our team members on our About page.

We pair you with a primary assistant so that we can really develop a thorough understanding of your business and build strong, supportive relationships.

That being said, you may work with other members of our team if your primary assistant goes on vacation or your scope of work expands and we feel another assistant can offer a deeper layer of expertise.

For virtual assistant support, we bill on a monthly retainer. Your first invoice is due prior to your onboarding call. All other invoices are due within 14 days of receipt.

Your retainer level will also determine the rollover hours available to allow for flexible support. We have a three-month minimum for all retainers. After that, it’s simply a 30-day notice to cancel.

We are first and foremost an administrative and operations agency so our skill sets typically focus more on office management or project coordination related skill. We like to be transparent that we are not marketing strategists and do not take ownership of the ROI or lead generation behind marketing initiatives.

Whether you work with us or not, we usually recommend that you don’t have an assistant wearing all the support hats (admin, marketing, ops, etc.) so that productivity and processes can be streamlined. We can help refer you to a social media manager or marketing agency and can also provide team management support to coordinate with the outsourced help.