Are processes your Achilles heel?

Untamed workflows, uncoordinated teams, and puzzle-pieced systems are strangling your profits and zapping precious energy. Energy that is better spent toward achieving strategic goals and maintaining competitive advantages in ever-evolving markets.

Don’t let your operations meet the same fate as Achilles – discover your operational weak spots and zap them away.

Empower Organizational Objectives With An Audit & Gap Analysis

Empower Organizational Objectives With An Audit & Gap Analysis

We’ll evaluate your current organizational design to help identify blind spots that hinder your strategic efforts and equip you with an action plan to close gaps, maximize system utilization, and best analyze team & process functions.

Eradicate Inefficiencies With Process Design & Automation

Eradicate Inefficiencies With Process Design & Automation

We’ll collaborate with you to design improved processes that introduce effective simplicity, boost team collaboration, and automate tasks.

Energize Team Accountability with Lean Trainings

Energize Team Accountability with Lean Trainings

We’ll develop trainings curated to your company to equip exeucitves, managers, and employees with a working understanding of lean principles so they can spot inefficiencies and better engage with teams throughout your organization.

What’s Your Achilles Heel?

Discover the true potential of your business operations and identify areas for growth and improvement.

What kind of processes should you evaluate?

Ultimately, any function in your business should be a smooth-running, documented process.

Ultimately, we can help with any and all processes in your organization! We most frequently focus on Client Experience related processes such as client onboarding and service delivery/ project management. Though, we have experience developing lead management and sales processes, recruiting and interviewing processes, team management processes, and more.

We spend countless hours understanding change management practices so that we can develop an approach that’s best for your team. Usually, this involves engaging your employees, overcommunicating changes, documenting processes, and being an ongoing or long-term resource for your team. At the end of the day, the success of any process changes can come down to your business’ leadership and your employees.

We take a very collaborative approach to any work we do in your organization! We’re a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, solutions-oriented professionals that care about the success of your team.

No need! The best first step is to have a possibilities chat where we can discuss what your business and team looks like. Even if nothing is documented, your team has “a a way of operating” and we can work with that! Once we chat, we can develop an action plan best suited for your needs and budget.

At the beginning of each project, we’ll identify markers of success and determine As-Is measurements. As-Is measurements are your current performance metrics such as the amount of time a step in a process takes, the number of errors in a process, or even client satisfaction rates. These will help frame any suggested changes. After changes are implemented, we’ll observe these metrics over a designated time period to determine success.

Yes! Depending on your agreed upon project, we’ll help guide improvement and implementation. Implementation often means updating or introducing new software, training employees, or introducing a new position. We can also support your team on an ongoing basis after your initial project.

We offer a range of services focused on operational excellence. Our focus is improvement team effectiveness, productivity, and efficiency. Our services range from process improvement consulting, system automation support, long-term virtual project assistance, and more. We can determine the best support solution for your team during a Possibilities Chat.

Our Approach

Optimizing your operations shouldn’t feel like opening Pandora’s Box.

Auxo Business Services

Organizational Alignment

From the start, we are dedicated to grasping what drives you as a CEO, entrepreneur, or business leader so that any optimization project can be finely tuned to your vision.

Auxo Business Services

Employee Engagement

As an experienced team, we understand a vital part of successful change management is engaging with process stakeholders – this means working closely with your team to implement effective, long-lasting change.

Auxo Business Services

Driven By Excellence

We don’t consider a project successful unless you and your team feel confident and clear markers of excellence are met.

Case Studies

A senior living community was breaking ground in California. Beyond the project management of constructing their campus, they needed to manage the development of new organization.

From resident agreements to facilities maintenance to employee onboarding, their team needed to track thousands of tasks to ensure they were ready and operational when it was time to welcome new residents.

We created a series of department specific task boards, automatic reminders, and dashboard reports on to track their operational progress.

It created a simple place for their CEO and their leadership teams to easily see their accomplishments – and identify areas that needed their attention – quickly. It also allowed their team to collaborate and stay on top of all the small and big projects.

Our client was an award winning AV Event Services Production Company based in Colorado with clients throughout the United States.

The CEO and Director of Operations recognized a series of issues in their Project Close to Invoice process. Their event production and project management teams have a lot of details to juggle between in-house employees, warehouse inventory, and freelanced labor on-site.

Communicating change orders, freelance billable hours, and other factors continuously pushed their project close to invoice lead time to 15-25+ days. This lag affected cash flow and poorly influenced relationships between sales staff, project managers, and accounting staff.

We conducted one-on-one employee interviews with all process stakeholders – sales staff, project managers, their accountant, and operations staff. We determined that we needed to revise how the team was utilizing their CRM for proposals and contracts, refine freelance contracting and invoicing processes, and pair down on accounting requirements to approve client invoices.

The result was a significant reduction in the average business days from the end of an event to when a client was invoiced. A new standard was implemented for a max of 10 days: 5 days to compile all information at the end of an event (change orders, freelance time tracking discrepancies, etc.) to officially “close a project” and 5 days from project close to get data updated in their accounting system, approve final invoices, and send it to the client. In the weeks following the new process implementation, average days from event end to invoicing was 9.6 and they were on track for an event shorter turnaround time.