Workdays feeling like an Odyssey?

Are day-to-day distractions turning your new strategic direction into a pipedream? Do you wish you had more time to do the important work in your business?

We can help turn the odyssey of running your business into the passionate adventure you crave. Delegating tasks to a virtual assistant allows you to channel your energy into setting new goals, building a robust network, engaging in exciting projects, and taking time to recharge.

Delegate tasks that are draining your time & energy

Delegate tasks that are draining your time & energy

Maximize your time and shift focus to more impactful work while your assistant manages tasks like scheduling, CRM organization, and more.

Lean on a support partner that can anticipate your needs

Lean on a support partner that can anticipate your needs

Your assistant is more than someone who takes care of the details; they become a trusted ally that understands your business objectives so that you can achieve success beyond what’s possible alone.

Leverage a curated network of skillful assistants

Leverage a curated network of skillful assistants

We thoroughly interview our team of assistants and invest in ongoing training so that you always have access to a trusted and skilled team.

Your Roadmap To Growth, Time Freedom, and Organization

We help you focus on your goals and strategic successes by taking away the headaches that come with running a business. With our team of US-based virtual assistants, you can grow while minimizing costs, maximizing time efficiency so essential tasks don’t get in the way of progress, and boost productivity.

Auxo Business Services


Schedule your Possibilities Chat to help us understand your business, your preferences, and how we can best support you.

Auxo Business Services


We match you with a US-based assistant based on skill sets, personality, and other success factors and plan for your backup assistant.

Auxo Business Services


Meet your assistant & our operations team to solidify your assistant’s responsibilities, walk through your 30 to 60 day plan, and confirm priorities.

Auxo Business Services

Results-Driven Support

Your assistant gets to work!

Auxo Business Services

Support Success Check-ins

Our operations team regularly check-ins with you to ensure your assistant is meeting expectations.

What Our Clients Say

What exactly can your virtual assistant do for you?

Whatever you want to call us – executive assistant, office manager, wizard problem solver – we’re here for you.

✔ Manage client inquiries and communication

✔ Update your CRM

✔ Follow up reminders for new client opportunities

✔ Support LinkedIn posts & Connections

✔ Manage podcast or speaking pitches and requests

✔ Support client gifting

And more!

✔ Draft and send invoices

✔ Follow up on outstanding payments

✔ Create monthly or annual reports And more!

✔ Inbox management

✔ Calendar management

✔ Business Research & Data Entry

✔ Coordinate Travel

✔ Track meeting minutes & action items

And more!

Our Championed Difference

US-Based Assistants

All of our assistants are based in the US ensuring they are readily available to communicate and work during your business hours.

Thoughtful Client Success

From a thorough onboarding process to easy-to-navigate task management boards, we ensure you always feel set up for success.

Reliable & Dedicated

Our assistants consistently complete tasks within deadlines and leverage our team to provide you with streamlined support.

Personalized Support For Titans Of Industry

When we first met Luke – the owner of a residential construction company in Raleigh – he was a few months into starting his company. He needed an assistant who could wear multiple hats and help organize and build his team. We supported personal needs such as calendar management and travel planning as well as administrative and operation needs such as letter of intent drafting, organizing property documents, and recruiting for new positions.

Their company is now expecting to build 150 homes in 2023. His Auxo Assistant has transitioned to support warranty coordination and tracking project progress in their systems with their field team members.

Pat is a commercial real-estate broker, a software start-up cofounder, and avid traveler. His Auxo Assistant has primarily focused on supporting personal needs – such as passport renewals, collecting tax documents, and conference bookings – so that he can move from meeting to meeting without worrying about that to-do list. We have supported and partnered with Pat for over two years!

We were beyond excited to partner with a California-based nonprofit as it gave our team moments to support an amazing cause. Our work with this nonprofit first focused on supporting their co-executive directors and their board. We planned virtual events, coordinated with their podcast management team, coordinated participant programs, and developed quarterly mailed-newsletters.

Their co-executive directors have been able to spend more time engaging with their communities and program participants while their assistants ensure daily administrative tasks are consistently completed.

Brooke was about a year into her counseling firm when she started feeling the need for an assistant. Her first team hires focused on other counselors and therapists to handle more clients. Yet, she found herself still managing all the administrative tasks. They were tasks she was capable of doing but she was not only overwhelmed with the amount of tasks, she was ready to spend her time on work that got her excited. Our first set of priorities focused on organizing client data in their systems, catching up on regulatory reports, and supporting insurance verification.

Brooke has been able to reduce denied insurance claims (increasing her revenue) and expand her practice since having an Auxo Assistant on her team!

Need Help Building Your Assistant’s Job Description?

Get our Delegation Checklist to help determine what tasks you can hand off to your virtual assistant.